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New Range Extender 252W kit for Specialized Turbo Levo

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We present you our new Range Extender Kit, valid for its use on all Turbo Levo versions.

It includes a 252Wh battery with the size of a water bottle that increases the bike´s internal battery capability.

The battery is manufactured in aluminum, offering both high resistance and lightness. The battery design includes: charge level indicator, watertight port for charging and a push button for turning it on.

The kit also includes a battery holder to fix the system to the frame, wich is carefully designed to fit and secure it perfectly.

It is also included a charger, mounting/fixing accesories and a detailed assembly and use manual. The installation process is easy and does not require any special tools.

It is also possible to customize the Volabike logo, you could choose between different color options. Yoou could select any of the available when placing your order.

We only use high quality and high performance cells on the manufacture of our batteries. Our products have been tested on extreme conditions to ensure their quality. All models of our batteries have the convenient CE homologation certificate.

The Range Extender kit for Specialized Turbo Levo is manufactured in two different versions: These are the 2016, 2017, 2018 and the 2019, 2020, 2021 versions. The only difference between versions is in the wires delivered wich each one. This is due to the differences between these versions of bikes.

You can find both versions in our shop:

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