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Tuner / Speed Dongle for Ebikemotion X35 system.

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With our tuner for Ebikemotion X35 systems, we could give a solution to the people looking for a way to improve the power delivering of their electric bikes.

Our designed microcontroller allows the electric engine to maintain its assistance above 25 km/h.

Without our tuner installed, the electric engine will suddenly stop its assistance when the 25km/h speed is reached. This event causes an unpleasant sentation as the user has to push the full weight of the ebike without engine assistance. When the speed drops below 25km/h, the engine turns on, but it turns off again everytime we reach that speed, causing an unpleasant on/off effect.

That effect dissapears with our tuner, turning our cycling into a smooth experience. It also allows to increase our e-bike´s speed by 20%.

Volabike is currently offering two different models of the tuner, with the only difference of the connection cable length. Each one is valid for a different bike model. In the next comparison chart you could find out wich one is the correct model for your e-bike:

Compatible list

In the case your bike´s model is not listed in the chart or if you are not sure about wich tuner to choose, please contact us, we will be pleased to help you.

You can find both versions in our shop:

This product, has not beed tested on the new X35+ system bikes. If you have a new bike with the X35+ system fitted, you have to wait before purchase this product, until we can check the correct operation of this device on the new system.

* Before using this product, please check the current legislation in your country. The speed limit allowed on public roads may vary from one country to another and you should consult that as our tuner modifies the maximun speed of your e-bike.

** Although the tuner does not modifies any of the e-bike´s parameter and it leaves no trace of its use, it could void the warranty as it is not a official product.

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