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Advancing in new Extender Kits for E-bikes

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We continue developing extender kits for different E-bike models.

This week we have been able to advance with tests and assemblies on new bikes, which we will soon transform into kits to update your E-bikes and increase their range of autonomy.

In this first assembly, you can see how we have integrated a 252Wh battery in a Bulls model E-Stream 160 with Brose engine.

In this case, the battery connects directly to a connector built into the motor housing, making it very easy to mount and remove the battery from the bike. It is something that cannot always be done, but that we try to integrate when possible.

Here you can see an anchoring test on a Lapierre Overvolt with a Shimano Steps motor, where we have been able to verify that a 378Wh extender can be installed in the frame hole.

The same good result was obtained on this Merida eONE-FORTY, also with a Shimano Steps motor. The integration of the 378Wh battery is not always possible, but in this case, it could be done without problems.

We continue to advance in different developments, such as the adaptation of the extender kits for Bosch engines, which we hope to have available this March.

Stay tuned because there are many news and new kits available soon.

If you live in the Valencia area and want to bring your bike so that we can study it and see the possibilities of installing a kit, we will be happy to assist you.

Request an appointment with us at The study is free.

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