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Custom extender kit for Bulls E-STREAM AM4 2020

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We show you this new installation we have realized on an Bulls e-bike.

On this case, we are talking about a E-Stream AM4 from 2020 year.

Customer send us this bike to verify measures and make installation.

On this frame size, it was possible to install 252Wh and 378Wh batteries. Customer selected 252Wh option, because its bike was fitted with a 700Wh battery and he didn´t need the bigger option.

Wiring is custom made, for perfect fitting, and fast connecor to remove battery when needed.

We create a custom support for this model, made on 3D printer, with carbon fibre reinforced material. With this support, battery can rest with bigger support on the frame, geting a perfect support for the battery.

If you are interested on a custom extender kit for your ebike, contact with us, and we will be happy to help you.

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