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Solving your doubts about the extender kits

Kits Extender

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We have received some questions about our Volabike extender kits. We are gonna try to solve this doubts on this article.

What is an extender kit?

We use extender kits to increase the range of our e-bikes.

Our kits, include a battery you can fit on your frame. On the kit, is includded a battery cage. Generally, we include a fitting plate specific for your ebike model, so you can get the perfect fitting of the battery and battery cage on the frame.
We include a custom wiring for each bike model, to connect the external battery to the e-bike, and all accesories needed for the installation of the kit (charger, screws, harness, connectors…).
We include a mounting amd user manual with detailed descriptions and photos .

Are these kits difficult to install?

You can install our kits easylly, without the need of cutting wires or soldering. You just need basic tools, like Allen keys to remover part and change wiring removing connectors.
Thanks to the included manual wtih photos and descriptions, you just have to follow it step by step to complete the installation.
If you can remove screws and disconnect connectors, you will be able to install our kits.
You can allways consult us any doubt you have, or bring your bike to an ebike shop, so the can fit our kits on your ebike,

Can I connect the extender kit to the charging port of my e-bike?

Generally, the charge port of your e-bike, just can be used to charge your e-bike, so is not possible to connect the external battery to that port.

We just use this port, on the road systems.

What is the capacity of these batteries?

We have batteries of 252Wh, 378Wh and 504Wh.
It´s not possible to install all these batteries on all models. In some mountain ebikes, generally is only possible to install the 252Wh model, and in some cases, the 378Wh model. It depends of the frame size and the space left from the rear shock.
In road ebikes, generally is possible to fit all models.
You can consult us your particular case, and we will tell you which options do you have.

Does the installation of this kit affect to my ebike warranty?

Generally, installing an extender kit, may affect to the warranty of your ebike, because you are modifying it.
Our kits are totally removable. This means, you can remove form your ebike, and it will become as it was, before the installation.

Once installed, can I remove the external battery?

Yes. External battery has a fast connector. You can remove and mount on your ebike easyly as much times as you want.

Does it have any other benefit?

The installation of our kits provides an extra benefit, apart from the gain in autonomy that it gives to our bicycles.
By installing one of our kits, we are going to extend the life of the internal battery of our bicycle because now we will have another battery to push the motor, and we will make our battery last longer,

How is the extender charged? Can I use my ebike charger?

The extender has its own charger. It´s not possible to use the ebike charger to charge the extender, because they use different connectors.

Does the extender interfere with my ebike software?

No. Extender, doesn´t modify any parameter of your ebile, and it doesn´t affect the use of any software of control app from your ebile,

Can I use and extender kit if I have a speed chip on my ebike?

No problem. Infact, our extender kit will became so handy to your ebike, because it will need more energy 🙂

How can i know if you have an extender kit for my ebike?

Actually, we have available some extender kits on our webshop. We are trying to add more models. If your model doesn´t appear on our website, you can send us an email to and ask we about your specific ebike model.

You can see which models are actually available on our webshop.

If you have any doubt, consult us and we will solve it.

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