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We are proud to present our new range extender kits for Fazua Ebikes

Fazua Extender

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We present this new product. Range extender kits for Fazua systems with 252Wh and 378Wh. These new kits, allow you to increase the range of any Fazua Ebike, with the installation of an externar battery on the water cage, until 378Wh.

Extender Fazua

As the capacity of a Fazua battery is 252Wh, with our kits you can double the range of your bike with the 252Wh kits or even 1,5 timers with the 378Wh kit.

Installation is so simple. You can install the external battery on the vertical tube of ebike, keeping a good looking for your ebike.

Fazua Extender

This system is compatible with any Fazua ebike. No matter the brand of your ebike (Trek, Pinarello, Focus, Cube, Lapierre,…) or if you have a road or MTB ebike,

These kits are actually available on our online shop::

If you are interested in our system, please contact us to get more info.

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