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NEW IMPROVEMENT! We include in all our kits a custom neoprene cover to protect our batteries

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At Volabike we don’t stop improving our kits. If previously we included some plastic covers to protect our batteries, we have gone a step further and from now on we include in all our kits a practical custom made neoprene cover, to protect our batteries even more.

Volabike neoprene cover

The cover will protect our batteries from mud, stones and other aggressions that it may suffer such as scratches and bumps, and will help keep it in good condition for longer.

Although our kits have been tested in the most extreme conditions of rain, dust, mud and even snow, this new cover will give our batteries extra protection and above all, it will take care of the aesthetics of our precious batteries.

Custom manufacturing

As you can see, the neoprene cover is made to measure for our battery, and also protects the charging connector and the power button, being these accessible, without having to disassemble the cover.

Finally, we do not forget our customers who have bought a kit when we did not yet have these covers. If you have a previously purchased Volabike kit, without a neoprene cover, send us an email and we will send you a cover totally free, paying only the shipping costs.

Hope you like this new improvement!

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