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Extender kit mounting on Husqvarna e-bike with the new Shimano EP8 motor

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We continue to release new features, this time it is the turn of the new Shimano EP8 engine and the range of Husqvarna bicycles that mount this new engine on their models.

We have managed to integrate our extender kits, so that they work perfectly, being able to expand the capacity of the e-bike by 252Wh or 378Wh, depending on the size available in the frame.

Extender Husqvarna EP8

For this assembly, the 378Wh battery was used. Being the model with the highest weight, as we usually do, we prepare a special support that can fix the battery on the upper part, if necessary, to fix it as well as possible and prevent it from moving on descents.

It is also possible to install our 252Wh battery model, more compact and lighter.

As always, if you are interested in our kits, you can contact us through our email or through thecontact formon our website,

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