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New extender kits. More capacity in the same space

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We present the new Volabike extender kits. in transport bag format.

Many customers sent us questions about the possibility of mounting larger capacity extenders in the space available on your bicycles. In mountain models, especially in full suspension bikes, the available space is limited, so many times it was only possible to mount our 252Wh model in cylindrical format or sometimes it was not even possible to mount any of the extenders that we had available due to lack of space.

With this new format, we solve these problems, allowing larger capacity extenders to be mounted on bicycles where initially an extender could not be mounted or only one with a lower capacity than desired could be installed.

These new extenders are assembled, like all our extenders, with the best cells currently available, with Samsung or LG being the cells chosen for their assembly.

The batteries are housed in airtight transport bags and also have another internal waterproofing layer that makes them 100% waterproof. The extender is fixed to the frame in the same place where the water bottle cage is installed. It is attached to the frame with 2 steel screws, using an aluminum anchor plate, included in the kit, which perfectly attaches the extender to the bike and makes it totally valid for Enduro practice.

This new kit also allows the use of velcro straps for anchoring, in case there is no support for the bottle cage in the bicycle frame, which happens in older models or with an external battery, so with this kit, it gives the option to install extenders on bikes that previously did not have the option to mount it.

These new models are manufactured with capacities of 252Wh, 360Wh and 540Wh and will be available for mounting on all ebikes on the market, regardless of which motor is mounted.


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