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Delimiter for Fazua

99,00  (VAT included)

  • Delimiter for Fazua motor
  • Works on any bike that mounts a Fazua motor
  • It delimits the bicycle allowing to increase the maximum speed reached
  • Very simple installation.
  • Compact size. It takes up very little space.
  • Supplied with simple assembly instructions.
  • Made in Europe
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Speed delimiter for Fazua motors.

Valid for all types of bicycles, regardless of wheel size, type of screen or installed battery.

Very simple installation, without the need to cut cables or make splices. It is only necessary to disconnect the connector of the engine speed sensor and connect the delimiter. The bike has no maximum speed limit.

A manual with photographs and instructions is included to answer any questions that may arise during assembly.

Reversible installation, just by reconnecting the speed sensor, the bike returns to its initial state. It does not leave traces of use in the system, so its use is undetectable and does not damage the guarantee of the bicycle.

The delimiter does not modify the modes of use of the motor, nor does it increase its power, only the maximum attainable speed. It does not harm the motor or the battery.

The speed shown on the screen will not correspond to the actual speed of the bicycle.

* Before using this product, consult the current legislation in your country, regarding the speed limits allowed when riding on public roads, since the device modifies the maximum speed that the bicycle can reach.


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