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Extender kit for Bosch motor – 360Wh

569,00  (VAT included)

Additional battery kit, range extender 360Wh for e-bike with Bosch motor.

Valid for any Bosch Gen2, Gen3 and Gen4 engine version.

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The new kit for e-bikes with a Bosch motor from Volabike allows the capacity of the e-bike to be increased by 360Wh, which is added to the capacity of the internal battery of the bicycle, for maximum autonomy. This kit is specific for ebikes that mount any Bosch motor. Make the most of the space available on the bike frame, to mount an extender with greater capacity, keeping the bike’s center of gravity as low as possible.

The battery is protected inside a semi-rigid hermetic transport bag, which is fixed to the bicycle frame by means of an aluminum anchor plate. For its construction, the best batteries available on the market are used, using only the cells of the most recognized manufacturers (Samsung – LG), and using the best models, both in construction quality and capacity.

The installation is done in a simple way. The kit includes all the necessary material to carry out the installation, as well as all the necessary material to fix it 100% safely and reliably to the bicycle frame. The original Bosch wiring is included, already modified and shaped for installation, as well as the integrated control electronics. Installation is quick and easy, with no need to modify the bike’s original wiring or cut or splice wires. All installation is done using connectors. All you need is a set of Allen keys to access the bike’s engine. Detailed manual with photos and point-by-point descriptions of all the steps to complete the assembly is attached.

Our electronic management system is designed to allow both batteries to work in parallel mode. This helps to increase the useful life of the internal battery of your e-bike by reducing the effort you have to make to power the engine, protecting it from premature wear and avoiding possible failures due to overheating.

The kit includes:

  • 360Wh Extender battery in hermetic transport bag, with power switch and charging port.
  • Aluminum anchor plate and screws for a secure fixation on the bicycle frame.
  • Original Bosch wiring, modified for the installation of the extender kit.
  • 2A charger with charge indicator.
  • Hardware and mounting accessories.
  • Installation manual.

This kit is sent using high protection materials in order to prevent any damage that could be done during the shipment.


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