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Extender Kit for Specialized Turbo Kenevo 2018 – 2019

469,00  (VAT included)

  • External battery for mounting the Turbo Kenevo of the years 2018 and 2019.
  • Simple assembly thanks to the manual with detailed explanations and photographs.
  • New version with CNC machined motor cover with quick connector.
  • Includes parts made specifically for this model, for a perfect fit.
  • Weight: 1.3kg – Height: 17cm – Diameter 7.5cm
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New updated kit Now includes top motor cover with CNC machined connector for faster and easier connection.

The Volabike kit for Specialized Turbo Kenevo, allows to increase the capacity of the e-bike by 252Wh.

The installation could be done in a very easy way, just doing several connections and using allen wrench to access to the bike engine. Detailed assembly manual is attached with descriptions and photographs of all the steps to follow.

The battery is protected by a high-resistance-to-impacts box that simulates the shape of a can, allowing it to be completely integrated in the frame. For its construction, the best batteries available on the market are used, using only those of the most recognized manufacturers (Samsung, LG), and using the best models, both in specifications and in capacity.

To manage the use of the batteries, a control electronics is included that is responsible for protecting and managing their use.

Apart from gaining autonomy, the external battery helps to increase the useful life of the battery of our e-bike, by reducing the effort it has to make to power the engine, protecting it from premature wear and avoiding possible overheating failures.

For a perfect fit on the 2018 and 2019 Turbo Kenevo models, we manufactured by 3D printing with carbon fiber reinforced material, a base for the battery holder, which ensures a firm hold and at the same time gives the battery a small incline to avoid touching the specific shock absorber of this bicycle. Another 3D printed part is also included as a top battery stop for a 100% secure fixation.

The kit includes:

  • 252Wh Range extender battery built in an aluminium case with power-on button, charging port and state of charge indicator
  • Specific installation wiring for Turbo Kenevo 2018 and 2019.
  • Bottle cage with special adjustment parts, specifically designed for this bike model, which ensures a 100% safe and reliable anchoring of the battery.
  • Clamping strap to further secure the battery in case of practicing Enduro modalities.
  • 2A charger with charge indicator.
  • Stainless steel hardware.
  • CNC machined motor cover with quick connector.
  • Custom neoprene cover for maximum protection.
  • Blind cover for wiring.
  • Assembly and use manual.

This kit is sent using high protection materials in order to prevent any damage that could be done during the shipment.

In case you are looking for more autonomy, we recommend the new 360Wh kit compatible with Turbo Kenevo 2018-2019.

Weight 2 kg

2018, 2019

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