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Tuner 2.0 for Ebikemotion X35 and X35 + Model LB (Bianchi Aria eRoad)

99,00  (VAT included)

  • Tuner for Bianchi Aria E-Road
  • Optimized power delivery
  • Easy to install
  • Made in Europe


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NEW VERSION! Tuner for Ebikemotion X35 and X35 + systems, optimizes the power delivery of the electronics to the bicycle engine. It allows the motor to keep the electronic support over 25km/h, preventing the motor support to stop it once this speed is reached.

The tuner increases the ebike´s speed about a 15-20%. It allows an smooth transition without interrupting the motor support.

The tuner is easy to install, you only have to connect it to the motor wire and fix it into the ebike. No special tools needed.

An installation and user manual is included with detailed descriptions and images.

Compatible models:

  • BIANCHI ARIA E-ROAD 2020 and earlier


* Before using this product, please check the current legislation in your country. The speed limit allowed on public roads may vary from one country to another and you should consult that as our tuner modifies the maximun speed of your e-bike.

** Although the tuner does not modifies any of the e-bike´s parameter and it leaves no trace of its use, it could void the warranty as it is not a official product.


Weight 0,05 kg
Dimensions 15 × 1,2 × 1,2 cm

2017 – X35, 2018 – X35, 2019 – X35, 2020 – X35, 2021 – X35+


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