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Can I install an extender on my EBIKE?

It will depend on two factors, the engine model of your E-bike and the size of the table.

You can see the catalog of our online store as we work with a wide range of engines.

The second factor is the size of the box, our extenders are usually placed in the place of the bottler, the measurements of the extenders you have in the store, if in your case there is enough hole you won’t have a problem, in case of doubt send us an e-mail to with the model, year of manufacturing and size of your box so that we can guide you.


What is the difference between the cylindrical extender and the stock?

Both the cylindrical and stock extender work the same way, we recommend mounting the cylindrical extender on road bicycles and the stock extender on mountain bicycles.

The stock extender has a greater adaptation capacity to the mtb boards as many times the suspension systems of these prevent the installation of a cylinder, in addition, allow us to mount greater capacities.

The Bolsa extender has a improved anchorage, adapted to mountain bicycles and to their use in abrupt land.


-What capacity should I choose?

The capacity in Wh of the extender will be translated into a greater or smaller autonomy, study your usual routes and choose your extender according to your kilometre and accumulated level needs.

-What measures do the extenders have?

In these photos you can see the measurements of our range extenders and how they look depending on the size and position:

Extender 240Wh Specialized SL


Can I install it myself?

All our extenders are sent with a manual for installation, on our youtube channel you also have audiovisual guides.


IMPORTANT: in extenders with direct battery installation it is necessary to send the battery to our facilities for its modification; in Fazua, Mahle and in Bosch engines if you decide to make the direct battery installation.

If you are not trained to install,  please contact us as we have a network of collaborators.


-How does an extender work?

After the installation of the extender its operation is very simple.

Both the battery of our Ebike and the extender must be 100% before starting the route.

We light our ebike and then light the extender, at this time they will be running battery and extender in parallel and therefore the ebike will consume both (extender + battery).

On our display will always appear the autonomy of the battery/extender set.

At the end of the route we will first delete the extender and last our ebike.


-What does the Volabike Extender Kit include?

All of our kits are sent with the manual of instructions, cable and accessories necessary for their complete installation, they are sent with a carrier.


Is my ebike guarantee cancelled?

The installations of the extenders do not affect the operation of the engine and the original battery, all our extender kit can be removed by leaving the bicycle in its original state.

IMPORTANT: in the case of direct battery installations (Bosch, Mahle and Fazua) the guarantee of the original battery would be cancelled as a modification is made on it.

If you have any specific doubts about the guarantee contact us.

All our products have a 3-year guarantee.


Can I remove the extender when I don’t need it?

All our extenders can be put and removed at demand depending on your autonomy needs.


-Is the extender water-resistant?

Our extenders are tested for scratching and rain, they cannot dive and washing this with high pressure pistols is not recommended.


-How is the remaining autonomy of my extender?

The extender and the battery of our ebike work in parallel and therefore on our display will appear the charging information of the set of both battery + extender.


-How is the extender charged?

Our extenders have their own charger and are charged independently from the Ebike (separately), the charger is included in the kit, only the charger that we include in the kit can be used to charge the extender.

Simply put your extender to charge until the charger light turns from red to green, that is when the extender will be at 100% charge.

Important: to charge the extender it must be turned off.


-What is the extender guarantee?

All our extenders have a 3-year guarantee.


-What is the delivery deadline?

Our delivery time in the Peninsula and the rest of Spain is 3 to 6 working days from the receipt of the payment of the order.Delivery deadlines are orientative and based on the services of our logistics operators.Remote areas may have an approximately 1 day delay over the specified deadlines.

For the rest of Europe, the deadline may be equal or greater, not exceeding 2 weeks from the receipt of the order.