Delimiter for Shimano EP8
Delimiter for Shimano EP8
Delimiter for Shimano EP8
Delimiter for Shimano EP8
Delimiter for Shimano EP8
Delimiter for Shimano EP8

Delimiter for Shimano EP8

  • Shimano EP8 motor delimiter
  • It works on any bike Shimano EP8 motor mount
  • Unlimit the bike allowing to increase the maximum speed reached
  • Very simple installation.
  • Compact size.It has very little space.
  • It is delivered with simple assembly instructions.
  • Manufactured in Europe

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For models 2023 and later we do not recommend its use.

All our tuners are tested in production with the firmware of the engine at that time, we are not responsible for any update of the ebike after the purchase of the tuner.

By installing this delimiter, walk mode is disabled.

Speed delimiter for Shimano motors of the EP series. Valid for motor:

  • EP8
  • EP8 RS

Valid for all types of bicycles, regardless of the wheel size, screen type or battery installed. Installation very simple, without the need to cut cables or make empaints.It is only necessary to disconnect the engine speed sensor connector and connect the dislimiter.The bicycle has no maximum speed limit. It includes a manual with photos and instructions that solves any doubt that may arise in the assembly. Reversible installation, with only re-connecting the speed sensor, the bicycle returns to its initial state.It does not leave remains of use in the system, so its use is indetectable and does not damage the bicycle guarantee. The limitator does not modify the mode of use of the engine, nor increases its power, only the maximum speed achieved.It does not damage the engine and the battery. The speed shown on the screen will not match the real speed of the bicycle. * Before using this product, consult the current legislation in your country, referring to the speed limits allowed when roaming on public roads, since the tuner changes the maximum speed that the bicycle can reach.

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